3 Reasons why you’ll arrive on the day of your destination wedding in Portugal without stress!

Planning a destination wedding from a distance involves several details that need to be thought about, and it can add a little bit of stress, which is why you already know that having the help of a wedding planner is crucial!
At Mary Me, we want you to have no stress during this journey and to enjoy the whole process!
But after all, how do we get you to relax?
No, not with a massage! Keep reading and find out

BEFORE YOU HAVE THE QUESTIONS YOU WILL ALREADY HAVE THE SOLUTIONS – During this journey many doubts will arise. We’ve been backstage at several weddings and we know exactly what you’re thinking, you’ll feel like we’re inside your head! That’s why you’ll always have solutions for all the problems you can imagine and even for the ones that don’t even cross your mind.

EVEN WITH THE PLAN B, YOU’LL FEEL HAPPY – If there’s one thing nobody can control, it’s the weather. You don’t want it to be raining on this day and nobody knows what to do! That’s why it’s important to have a plan B that you like and feel comfortable with, if necessary we put it into practice!

EVERYTHING WILL BE UNDER CONTROL – Your wedding planner will ensure that the alignment for this big day is impeccable and that all suppliers are aware of everything that will happen and will be in harmony!
On the day, the coordination team will constantly confirm that everyone is on top of the plan and ready for action!

And how can you put everything in our hands? Just fill out our form here!

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