3 Ideas for an epic proposal!

Are you thinking about finally getting down on your knees and making the long-awaited proposal?
We know there is a lot of pressure to make this moment perfect, so today we leave you with 3 tips to ensure your YES is guaranteed:

1 – WOW Factor: Think about what would leave your better half with your mouth open, even if, for that, you might feel some discomfort. The goal is for you to realize that you did what you wanted and you weren’t expecting it, because that’s the goal of life together: to adapt bilaterally and walk side by side throughout life.

2 – Share this moment with the people close to you: A moment like this should be shared with the people closest to you. Invite the closest family to dinner, give a speech and honor the moments spent together, filling with the traditional request! If your better half is romantic, he’ll love to fulfill the tradition!

3 – Surprise your better half: Plan a trip, a trip to your favorite spot or a concert that you know you would love! Unexpectedly, get down on your knees and try not to lose the ring. The goal is that, in the end, you remember not only the scenario/location but all the involvement you carried out for the result.

Are you already visualizing how your proposal will be? Now just take these three points and get to work wit us.

Contact us through our form and we will help you with the next steps after hearing the YES!

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