Destination Wedding in Portugal?! Discover everything the country has to offer!

If you are planning your destination wedding in Portugal, we know that you will want to enjoy our country to the fullest with your guests!

At Mary Me we want you to keep a little bit of our country in your hearts forever, and that’s why our team always works so that during your days here you get to know the best that the country has to offer.

YOU WILL REMEMBER PORTUGUESE FLAVORS FOREVER: If there’s one thing the Portuguese are known for, it’s our fantastic food. From snacks to desserts, we have delicious dishes for all tastes. Enjoy and enjoy a fun food tour where you can try a little bit of everything. It’s going to be hard not to have more eyes than a belly.

RELAX BY ENJOYING OUR NATURE: Take advantage of these days away from routine to relax. For this, nothing better than a peaceful boat trip on the Douro, surrounded by magnificent landscapes of vineyards. Fresh air and good company will certainly be good allies for an unforgettable moment.

TASTING WINE KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL NOT FAIL: Everyone has certainly heard of good Portuguese wine! That’s why we can’t let you go home without a visit to the wonderful Port wine cellars, where you can not only learn about our history but also enjoy a tasting. Such a great group experience!

Can’t wait to live this experience? Then get in touch with us now, just fill out our form!



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