Destination wedding in Portugal? We answer your doubts!

We know that during the process of planning a destination wedding you will have the most diverse doubts!
Luckily, our wedding planners have already organized numerous weddings and are ready to help you with all your questions.
So today we answer some important questions, which I’m sure will come to you.

1 – When should suppliers arrive: On this day you will have several suppliers to manage and set up an timetable for all of them can seem like a complication, so let’s help you out! First of all, the makeup artist and the hairdresser. The photography team must arrive to start capturing all these moments! The choir and/or orchestra that you will have during the ceremony must arrive in time to tune all the instruments and make all the necessary sound-checks. Don’t forget to confirm that caterers are ready to start serving cocktails!

2 – How you can coordinate all the photos: We are sure that you will want to remember this moment surrounded by your family and closest friends and we know that you will want photos to immortalize this moment. Managing that all the guests are present at the time of the photos, instead of being at the cocktail having a snack , can seem complicated, so make a list of the most important groups of people that you will want to capture and give someone who knows everyone the function. to bring people together for this moment.

3 – If a plan B is needed, when should you decide it: It is important that you have a plan B in case S.Pedro decides that it will rain on that day. So, if on your wedding day you open the window and see that the weather is not very inviting, you have to ensure that you notify all parties in time to change plans. Talk to the person in charge of the montages and the head waiter and try to understand when they need your decision to be able to make the necessary changes.

Do you still have more doubts to clarify? We’re sure it does!
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