How to represent different countries on your destination wedding in Portugal!

At your destination wedding you will probably have guests from different countries and with different cultures and customs.
For this reason, and because we are sure that you want everyone to have the most fun, you must ensure that you represent your country, that of your guests and also that you make known to everyone the magnificent Portuguese culture.
Don’t know how you manage to represent so many different cultures? Today we show you how::

1 – Typical Gastronomy – To represent Portugal there is no better way to do it than with good food and good wine! Take advantage of dinner to introduce your guests to our fantastic delicacies such as a beautiful cod!

2 – Set a playlist – It’s no secret that without music there’s no party! Therefore, you must ensure that you gather a list of songs typical of the place where your guests come from and present it to the DJ, so that everyone gives their all on the dance floor and it is an unforgettable party!

3 – Pay attention to details – It’s the small details that make all the difference and you should make sure that there are details alluding to your origins. For example, if you have Chinese origins, why don’t you take the opportunity and perform a moment with the typical tea ceremony? We are sure it will mean a lot to you and your family!

As you can see, celebrating the diversity of cultures od diferent countries at a destination wedding in Portugal is not complicated, just a little creativity and the ability to organize everything!
Think you can’t do it without help? That’s what our wedding planners are here for!
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