Wedding Trends for 2022

2022 is just around the corner… do you feel those butterflies already? Check out our wedding trends for next year and get inspired!
Less is more!

A a result of the pandemic, weddings are getting smaller so you can maximize the power of your budget and use it to pay for more than one-day event. What about having a pre-event and breaking the ice with your family and friends?
If it’s not comfortable, don’t use it!

With the increment of outdoor weddings, couples are looking for more comfortable and light dresses and clothes. It is possible to be pretty and comfortable, don’t you think?

The environmental impact a wedding can have is one of the main reasons couples choose to plan their big day ecologically. Fortunately, more and more suppliers and companies are offering greener options, and that’s definitely a trend that is here to stay.
Boldness is being yourself

Although the soft tones remain perennial, the trick is to choose something you like and live it! So, choose a palette that inspires you and with which you identify.
Any day is a good day!

After so many reschedule and postponements, as well as full-schedule vendors, weekday weddings will be increasingly common in 2022. So, that nothing is missed in the planning, as well as on the big day, there is nothing better than taking advantage of a wedding planner.

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