What to ensure in the timetable of your Destination Wedding in Portugal!

As the date of your destination wedding in Portugal approaches, you should start building a detailed timetable so that everyone knows how to act during the day, especially your suppliers.

We know you must feel a little clueless, not knowing what should be in this timetable or what time to tell your suppliers to be there.

1 – Makeup and hair: You won’t want to be late on this day because you took time to get ready… Make sure this whole process is done in time!

2 – Photographer and videographer: You must ensure that these are the first suppliers to arrive so that they capture all the moments of preparation. You don’t want to miss a moment in your wedding album!

3 – Setup: We are sure that you want the freshest flowers to last perfectly as long as possible, so you should make sure that the assembly and decoration of the venue take place while you prepare.

4 – Entertainment: Whether you’re going to have a band at your cocktail party or a DJ late into the night, everyone needs to do sound tests.

5 – Guests: Ask the guests who will be part of the entrance procession to be present half an hour earlier. This way, you’ll get everyone organized on time, informed of what to do, and ready for the grand entrance!

6 – Catering: Confirm with the caterer that everything will be ready as soon as you and your guests arrive at the cocktail party, you won’t want anyone with their stomach-churning!

Does it seem like a lot to you to manage solo? What do you think about working as a team?
Our wedding planners know how to build the best alignments, taking care of all possible unforeseen events so that nothing fails, and they can help you! Just fill in our form to get in touch with us.

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