Why you should have a coordination team on the day of your Destination Wedding in Portugal?!

Are you stressing because you don’t know how to ensure that everything goes in the best way on the day of the Destination Wedding?

We have the solution for you to sleep through the night again, without any problems!
At MARY ME ® we believe that planning a wedding only makes sense if we are present on the day to coordinate it. We want you to relax as much as possible on this day while we take care of everything backstage!

Now you ask how we manage to make sure the plan for your big day is long. No, we don’t have super powers yet, but, in addition to being on top of all the details, we have a super team of coordinator and hostesses at every wedding we organize.

On this day, there will be several things to be aware of happening at the same time and, in order not to run from one side to the other, only with a complete team can we be present to act on all fronts and make sure that nothing escapes!

In this way, all assemblies will be supervised in the day of your destination wedding, the bride and groom will be accompanied, the guests will receive all the necessary instructions. Nothing will pass us by.

Can’t you imagine your Destination Wedding in any other way? Then you just need to contact us using our form. We will contact you back until 48 hours after,

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