How to get a catholic destination wedding in Portugal.

If you are organizing a distance wedding and you want to get married, Catholicly, in Portugal, there are several steps you should take into account so that everything goes in the best way.

First of all, once you have defined the Church and the time, the important thing is to go to the Parish where you live and inform them.
Each Church has its schedules and rules that you should try to know, as soon as you have scheduled the day for your wedding.
Some Churches require the attendance of a Pre-Marriage Course, in addition to the general interview and, therefore, the greater the advance, the greater the certainty of being able to organize everything in time.

The Church Father will ask you for Baptism Certificates – for both, if both are baptized, or for just one, if not – and, depending on the Church and the country in question, it will have to be you to send these documents or, the Church itself, internally, can request these documents from the appropriate Parishes – even if from different countries.

The simplest step is taken!

The Church, of the Parish where you live, will inform you of what you should do next (course and interview, of course) and, what happens afterward, will be its responsibility, at least, until you arrive in Portugal.

When this part is completed, the process is sent to the Parish and then to the respective Diocese, in the country where you live, and, only after this procedure, is it sent to the Diocese of the Parish to which the Church where you are going to marry in belongs. Portugal.

As you pass through all these entities, the payment of fees is due, which you must take care of, but you will be informed by the priest who gave you the initial instructions.

When you arrive at the Diocese in Portugal, to continue on your way, you will still need: the marriage certificate or the civil marriage application (for more information on civil marriage, consult here ).

This is a very important aspect that cannot be missed! You can only marry a Catholic if:

  • You have not contracted marriage, Catholicly, previously with another person;
  • If you are already civilly married to the person you want to marry, Catholic or
  • If you are also going to marry that person civilly.

When this step is taken care of, the process goes to the Parish where the Church or the Chapel where you are going to get married belongs.

You will only leave the Parish when the copies of the identification documents, the address and marital status of the witnesses (2), and the identification document of Mr. Priest who will celebrate have it.

In the end, payments are made, missal and chants approved, and everything is ready for you to get married, Catholic, in Portugal!

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