How to make the most of the last few days before your destination wedding in Portugal?!

The season for destination weddings in 2023 has already begun at Mary Me in grand style!

We understand that the buildup to your big day might make this period appear more stressful, but with our team’s assistance, you’ll have the same sense of calm as if you were getting the world’s most calming message!

Because of this, our team will promise:

Checking in each of the guests: We will make sure that all check-ins are completed and that all of your visitors have a place to relax and refuel since we want everyone to be as comfortable as possible.

Everyone will  feel welcome: We want all of your visitors to Portugal to feel at home from the moment they arrive! For the same reason, we’ll make sure that everyone who arrives is pleasantly delighted with a welcome package that will not only make them smile and cherish their time in Portugal forever, but is also quite practical.

Nothing will go wrong: Our team will make sure that all vendors are aware of exactly how to behave with a very thorough alignment and frequent briefings. The choir will know precisely when to begin, the photographer will get the greatest images of your preparation with your guests, and the hall’s host will be aware of all scheduled speeches!

This seems like a lot to think about? We are here for just that reason! Contact us right away by filling out our form to ensure a stress-free destination wedding!

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