“Dear Maria Luís and Carolina, What we meant by this e-mail – which possibly cannot be translated into words, given the greatness of the feeling – is that our wedding was a wonderful day for us and that you made it possible! For me in particular it was the realization of a dream. I fell in love with the day, with the suppliers, with everything and I keep seeing the photos so far!

We want to thank you with from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done to make these days unforgettable !! You were very important to us and we will never forget that! I hope you enjoyed this journey with us as much as we enjoyed! This phase already leaves us a good longing!

Carolina, I’m already missing your emails!!!! I loved waking everyday and check for a new email to see the news from the previous day!

Anyway, we just wanted to give you our BIG thank you for everything, for the time spent and MAINLY with the affection you worked, because we know, even further, and because it is a dream of ours, that the affection in the treatment and what you do makes all the difference!