Are you hunting for a wedding planner for your destination wedding?! We’ll let you know today, what you should pay attention to!

We know that organizing a destination wedding, in addition to being challenging, can be quite stressful and, for these and many other reasons, hiring a wedding planner is one of the first decisions you will make and that, if not taken well, can ruin the planning process, which is intended to be fun, creative and full of good emotions and experiences.

Therefore, we will help you in this “hunt” and leave you here, what you should pay attention to, so that everything goes smoothly and that success is 100% guaranteed!

  1. Know-how: It may seem cliché, but the truth is, the experience doesn’t come from Google or your best friend’s wedding. Organizing a destination wedding requires extensive knowledge of the market, as well as all the connections between suppliers, locations and creativity. Pay attention to close relationships with locations or suppliers that you already have a reference to. If you’re talking to a company that knows the market where you want to get married, it’s a sign that: they’ve already tried it, they’ve tested it, they’ve made a mistake, they’ve already improved and they can surprise you! Expose practical problems and see if the solutions they present to you, please you. Then… you’ll have a match!
  2. Creativity: Is there anything more fun than being surprised by solutions that you never came up with and that perfectly adapt to what you always wanted, but never managed to communicate in the right way?! Creativity may be innate, but it also comes from experience. It won’t matter if you want an elephant to fly, if there’s no balloon to lift it. Creativity does not mean that they need to think “outside of the box”, but that they have spot on solutions for the unpredictability that may arise.
  3. Quick response: This is something that many may not be aware of and that is quite important. If you live in another country, especially with another time zone, a later reply may take an entire night of reply in your city. This creates anxiety, and in a minute, a lapse can become a difficult problem to solve, and bring you trust issues. Look for a company that guarantees a fast and efficient service, in which you have direct and immediate contact with the wedding planner who is organizing your wedding. Trust us, it will save you many sleepless nights!
  4. Structure: Misfortunes or unforeseen events happen. If you have a team, instead of just one person organizing your wedding, you can avoid failures, forgetfulness or even lack of human resources, in case of illness. Mainly, given the pandemic that, unfortunately, we are experiencing, hiring a structured company with a team of wedding planners is the only guarantee you have that you won’t run out of wedding planner, for any of the above reasons.
  5. Organization: How can you hire someone to organize your wedding not organized?! Look for a company that will show you how to organize, structure and plan its destination weddings, demonstrating how it manages deadlines and ensures timely hiring the suppliers you’ll need.
  6. Fun: Not only the process has to be fluid and pleasant for you, but also the days that precede your arrival in Portugal, for you and your guests. If you chose Portugal to tie the knot, you certainly appreciate our culture, our way of welcoming and that we like happy holidays, socializing and sharing good times. For that reason, look for a fun, well-disposed team that transmits good energy, not only among the team but with you, because only then can you anticipate the fun on your wedding day. They will certainly guarantee that you and your guests will have a good time here in Portugal and will take back lots of fun-filled memories!
  7. Legal and bureaucratic knowledge: Not only of protocol and etiquette (but also), live the events. There is a lot of legal bureaucracy that you will need to study and know and that, if you have a company by your side that dominates this area, even better! You always have someone to answer your questions and, in addition, to alert you and inform you about what you should do and when you should do it.
  8. Get involved: If it’s the company you hire that can guarantee you a faster response to suppliers, you have to be sure that it will defend you and guarantee that everything that is, in fact, the best for you, will be pleased. You have to feel, whatever the outcome, is the best for you and believe in it. During the organization of the wedding, doubts, uncertainties arise, and the confidence that your wedding planner company is, without a shadow of a doubt, doing the best it can and knows, is the only way to, in your city, in another country , know that you don’t need to worry.

If you’ve started this “treasure hunt” and haven’t met us yet, fill out this form and we’ll be glad to turn that into an easy process! 

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