Why producing the videos behind the scenes of a destination wedding, by our Founder.

“Since I’ve created MARY ME®️, I always wanted the Company to stand out for its creativity, organization and structure that we have been improving, over the years.
Knowing that, if before the pandemic, the way our customers found us was, mostly, through our social networks, nowadays, it is even more fundamental, we innovate and try to show our customers, through our social media, how everything unfolds on the day, from as realistically as possible. We want to show our clients as much information as possible, to help them better decide about the choice of hiring our Company for their Destination Wedding in Portugal.
And what better way than to do it by registering a real Destination Wedding?!
In the episodes that we will be releasing over the next few weeks, we’ll show those who are looking for a wedding planner for their Destination Wedding the true essence of our Company.
What we do, how we do it and who we are.
Anyone who knows us knows that we believe that all of our work, and life, should be faced, bluntly, without second thoughts, and that we always have room for a good energy and fun, never failing to meet the levels of excellence and always guaranteeing to all that are part of the MARY ME®️ experience, that what they have had access to with us is priceless. Because that’s our success!
I promise you will laugh with my Northern accent, that you will be thrilled with the result and that you will reach the end of each episode and think: “I want to see the next one!”.
In the meantime, you can always schedule a meeting with us. 🙂



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