Find out what you can’t miss when planning your destination wedding in Portugal!

Have you already started planning your destination wedding in Portugal?! So it’s better to make a list of everything you can’t miss!
In today’s article, we help you organize your ideas and identify the essential priority tasks of all destination weddings.
Do you already have paper and pen in hand to write this down?! So let’s start:

1 – BRAINSTORMING – Defines all the suppliers that you will need to hire so that you have an overview of what you will need to do next. Write down your ideas, and expectations, as well as what you love and what you don’t like. It’s our secret starting point to guide throughout the organization!

2 – MAKE A GUEST LIST – A destination wedding requires travel, so you must ensure that all the family and friends you want to be part of these days are on your guest list and that you are sure they want to share with you!

3 – DON’T LEAVE THE CIVIL AND/OR RELIGIOUS PROCESS TO THE LAST – Dealing with the civil and/or religious process can seem like a seven-headed monster, but if you plan everything in advance, you’ll have time to solve possible unforeseen events.

4 – WELCOME YOUR GUESTS – Your guests come from different places on purpose to celebrate this special day with you, we are sure that you want to receive them in the best way! Write down, along with the RSVP, the accommodation, transport needs, and check-in and check-out times so that you can communicate later to the relevant suppliers.

Now that you’ve written everything you need in your notebook, do you feel able to start doing tasks?! Or you don’t know where to turn and feel like you need help?!
Don’t worry, MARY ME’s ® team of wedding planners is ready to help you with everything you need to take care of and make your life easier.

If this is what you are looking for, then contact us using our form.

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