How to include Portuguese culture in your destination wedding.

Have you already decided that you are going to have your destination wedding in Portugal? So I’m sure you’ve already stopped to think about how you can live a little of a typical Portuguese experience during this day.

By now, you also know that Portugal is a country with a very rich culture and, for this reason, there are plenty of ideas for you and your guests to experience it and return marked by these experiences. We leave you here 3:

1 – SWEETEN YOUR MOUTH – One of Portugal’s strengths is, without a doubt, its fantastic cuisine. If you’re crazy about sweets like us, you can’t miss the typical convent pastries. When thinking about your desert table, select “pastéis de nata”, “barrigas de freira” or other sweets that can tell your guests a little about the country’s history.

2 – ILLUSTRATIVE DECORATION OF THE COUNTRY – If you’ve been touring Portugal, you’ve certainly come across the most varied craft shops and even been curious to take a look at one or the other. Why not take the opportunity to get some ideas for your destination wedding?! For example, he uses typical Portuguese tiles or bottle stoppers for table markers.

3 – JOY, ABOVE ALL – The reputation of the Portuguese as bons vivants follows us wherever we go. So, if you want to live the true Portuguese experience, celebrate like there’s no tomorrow! For that, when thinking about the animation of your wedding, think in a combined way: from the ceremony, to the last dance, which musical allies you should choose.

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