How to get a YES for your destination wedding in Portugal.

Before you start planning your destination wedding in Portugal, the first step is to hear a YES!
We give you some ideas on how to do it!

1 – TAKE A PLANE – Book a trip with your partner to a place that has meaning for you, such as the first country you traveled to together or to a city you always wanted to visit and take advantage of the trip to kneel and do the request. YES is guaranteed!

2 – WELCOMING AND FAMILY – If the person you are going to propose is very close to the family, then this is the perfect option for you. Organize a dinner at your house, with the closest family, open a nice bottle of wine (the one you’re saving for a special moment!), and, after dessert, it’s your time to order. PS: But first, you must have already spoken with the parents and asked for permission.

3 – IN THE MIDDLE OF NATURE – Do you like adventures? Then make this request one. Look for a place with beautiful landscapes but where you can also practice some more radical activities and invite some close friends to accompany you so that the party is bigger! When you reach the end of your adventure, surprise with the proposal, you will see that you will never forget and, in the end, you can still celebrate together!

Now that your head is full of ideas, you just have to choose the one that best suits you and the person you decide to share your life with.
After going through this moment of nervousness, which no one else can take on for you, you need to relax and not worry about the preparations for your destination wedding.
Don’t worry, in this step you can already cheat and get help from us!
Get in touch with us to find out more.

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