How to welcome your guests in an unforgettable way at your destination wedding in Portugal?!

We know that in a destination wedding welcoming your guests is, without a doubt, one of the most important points.

After all, they all come from different countries and have made room in their schedules to come and celebrate these days with you!

It is for this reason that at Mary Me we want everyone to feel welcome from the first moment they step into Portuguese soil and, therefore, we will ensure that they receive welcome bags that they will never forget!

Represent your culture: 

This will be one of the memories of your wedding, so it makes perfect sense that you include something that represents your culture and even that of your guests. If you’re coming from England, put in a can of tea, but if you’re coming from Switzerland, you already know that you can’t forget the chocolates that delight even the sweetest of people.


Represent the culture of the host country:

If you’re getting married in a country far from home, it makes perfect sense to include something that represents your culture and introduces your guests to Portuguese traditions. For example, consider adding a tile, a miniature bottle of port wine, or even a jar of honey!

They won’t lack for anything: 

Let’s make sure they have everything they need, from bottles of water so they don’t get dehydrated if it’s a hot day, to fans, maps of the city so they don’t get lost and recommendations for restaurants and places not to be missed in the city!


These suggestions can be adjusted according to the theme of the wedding, the specific location in Portugal and your preferences. The important thing is that the welcome bag conveys your hospitality and the culture of the host country.

At Mary Me, our mission is to exceed your expectations. We pour our hearts into every wedding we plan and treat each one as if it were our own. Trust us to make your destination wedding dreams a breathtaking reality, and we promise you’ll have a celebration, you and your guests will cherish forever

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