How to make your father feel included on your destination wedding in Portugal?!

Today, March 19th, marks Father’s Day in Portugal, and the Mary Me team couldn’t let this day go unnoticed! The presence of fathers and their participation on this day is very important, and we’re sure you want your father to feel included on your big day! For this reason, today we highlight some of the most emblematic moments between brides and fathers, which are undoubtedly always memorable:


“First Look” of the Bride with her Father: Before the start of the ceremony, many brides choose to have a “first look” with their parents. This intimate moment offers a precious opportunity to share emotions, express gratitude, and strengthen family ties. It’s undoubtedly a moment that will make your father feel the importance and impact he has in your life!


Bride’s Walk down the aisle escorted by her Father: One of the most poignant moments of any wedding is when the father accompanies his daughter towards the altar. It’s a moment loaded with meaning, symbolizing the bride’s transition from one chapter of her life to another.


Father’s Speech: This is a moment when the couple’s parents express their wishes for happiness for both in this new stage. It’s the time when the father takes the opportunity to offer wise advice and share precious memories, which are always appreciated by everyone.


Bride’s Dance with her Father: Finally, the moment of the bride’s dance with her father is always filled with love and tenderness. As they twirl around the dance floor, they share a heartfelt moment that will always be remembered by both.


In all these moments, the presence of the father is invaluable and adds an even more special meaning to this big day!


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