3 Musts for the checklist of your destination wedding in Portugal!

If you’ve already started planning your destination wedding in Portugal, you’ve probably already realized that it’s a good idea to have a checklist of everything that will need to be dealt with.
Don’t know where to start?
Here are the 3 points you should start with!

1 – Make a guest list: Since this is a destination wedding that involves traveling from one country to another, you must define who are the most important people to you and without whom celebrating this day is unthinkable, since your closest family to that childhood friend from whom you are inseparable! With this homework done right, you’re halfway there for the next steps to be simple. Here, you think about the countries you come from, whether you need accommodation, transport, or other amenities or specifications, and write it all down, very well, in a spreadsheet.

2 -Choose the venue: We advise you to see spaces with accommodation included or close by. This way, you can guarantee that your guests make the most of their stay in Portugal and don’t waste so much time traveling or transporting from one place to another. Choose a location with a beautiful view or one that is emblematic. You will leave them speechless!

3 – Send a Digital Save the Date: With guests from around the world, booking the date as far in advance as possible is essential to make sure they will be able to come to your wedding. So, as soon as you have the date, prepare a save the date or save the weekend and send it via Whatsapp or email. In a quick and personalized way, they can inform anyone, anywhere in the world, of your big step! In advance, you allow your guests to organize their lives and plan their trip to Portugal!

This checklist looks simple and it’s simple! At least for us 🙂

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