“What is the best day to get married?” – Choose the best time for your destination wedding in Portugal.

According to Quim Barreiros, the best day to get married is July 31, however, here at MARY ME ®, we have a different opinion.

There is no doubt that summer is the safest time for a destination wedding in Portugal: the highest temperatures and long days are the best for summer dance.

However, depending on your culture and the country you come from, it may be better to get married at another time of year.

For example, if you come from a country, such as England, the USA, or the Nordic countries, where lower temperatures are usual and you and your guests are not used to high temperatures, it is best to get married in late spring or early spring. of autumn.

During these seasons, Portugal still benefits from sunny days and blue skies, but temperatures are milder and more comfortable than in summer.

So, if you are organizing your destination wedding and you don’t know which time to choose, think about your guests first and analyze the countries where the majority come from: you don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable and for everyone to have a good time with you, full of good atmosphere, good food, and good views!

If you come from countries where you are used to high temperatures, you can risk a wedding in June, July or August, if, on the contrary, you fear that your best friends will turn “purple” in the sun, consider the end of spring or the beginning of or, if that’s not an option, opt for a summer ceremony at the end of the day!

In addition, when selecting the location, consider all the external factors you will need, in order to ensure that comfort exists, such as air conditioning or even heaters!

So, unless you’re looking for a snow wedding, here at MARY ME®, we’re used to working in any temperature, always in a good mood and with elegance!
If you still have doubts about the best time to get married here in Portugal, ask us!
We will be happy to help you.



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